STrategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) FAQ

1. STAMP sounds like a great idea. Is it only intended for very large scale national programs?

No, the STAMP program can be instituted on any scale of operations.

2. Can Haber Inc actually make money from the STAMP program, and If so, how?

Yes, Haber can make money from the STAMP Program. Haber pays the miners more for their gold concentrate than what they can make by using mercury. This is feasible because of the low extraction efficiencies the small scale miners normally achieve (between 33% to 70% range). Since HGP can deliver efficiencies in the high 90% range (Ghanaian alluvial material yielded a 99% efficiency), the Company is able to make a profit on the difference in efficiencies.

3. Can a private investor or commercial entity initiate and run their own STAMP program?

Haber will enter into joint venture with private investors, small scale miners, or large scale commercial operations that are using mercury.

4. What has been the reaction from the UN and various (NGOs) that have seen the STAMP presentation?

The STAMP program has been extremely well received at all presentations.

5. There seems to be a lot of problems with mercury worldwide as demonstrated by the recent UNEP meeting in Nairobi. ( Kyoto Release ) Do you think that maybe the time is right for STAMP?

Yes, we are strongly encouraged that the world is finally coming to recognize the concurrence of rising gold prices and the global concern for the environmental damage and toll on human health.