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Latest Press Releases

October 16, 2014

Haber, Inc. enters into a $50 million dollar joint venture agreement with Rosewood of Northern California. Haber will use its Green Gold Extraction to process significant gold deposits.

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October 8, 2014

Termination of LogiGold LLC MOU

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Corporate Updates

March 4, 2015

Notice of Website Revisions

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July 12, 2011

To view the Suriname video demonstrating the Aladdin green technology.

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Corporate Overview

Founded by Norman Haber in 1967, Haber Incorporated is a publicly-held scientific research and development company controlling a number of innovative technologies in the areas of separation science, extractive metallurgy and medical diagnostics. Today, with offices in Massachusetts,  Florida and Ghana, the company's globally-commercial technologies are garnering increased attention throughout the world.

In concert with the growing interest in Haber technology, the company has recently established three corporate subdivisions in order to streamline efforts driving commercialization of its primary innovations.

Corporate Subdivisions

Minerals Division

In response to the environmental hazards associated with conventional mining practices HGP is an environmentally friendly gold mining technology that also offers a number of additional advantages over cyanide methods.

Electromolecular Propulsion (EMP)™ Division

Electromolecular Propulsion is a novel separation technology which offers degrees of freedom and performance capabilities not available with conventional analytical techniques

Emerging Technology Division

Oversees technological extensions to the company's EMP and metallurgical extraction sciences. The division is also responsible for screening and following through with technological opportunities in other domains.