Bob is a major long standing shareholder who has provided uncompensated in depth data research for the company as a supportive pro active investor .  His contributions have helped Norman Haber in the past, as well as, the company’s efforts in the STAMP and EMP programs. Through the years, his keen interest in the Company and strong belief in its activities extended to communications within shareholders and shareholder groups over the past decade.  Bob has always offered suggestions and ideas which the Company has found valuable.  His enthusiasm, commitment, experience and shareholder perspective is a valuable asset to the BOD and the Company shareholders.  Bob’s access to higher levels of corporate information will allow his researching and networking skills to be used in a more meaningful way. 

Bob’s work experience includes a long career with New York Telephone Co.(Verizon Communications) as a communications technician. He has worked on advanced communication systems, including the first Fiber Optical Network Rings connecting Wall Street firms with protected Hi Speed voice and data capabilities. Bob’s military service included training on Nike missile systems at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and deployment as an engineering equipment specialist during the experimental phase of the Mobile Pershing Missile Defense system at Ft. Sill,